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NHL Vancouver Canucks IE Browser Theme

Experience the NHL Vancouver Canucks every time you visit the Web
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2 March 2010

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Get quick access to all the information you need for the Vancouver Canucks with the OFFICIAL NHL Canuck's Interactive theme for Internet Explorer.
This product is currently a Community Preview release nearing its final stages of testing. Please review the list of known issues at the end of this description before installing. We currently support Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Known Issues List:
We are aware of a problem installing our themes as a non-administrator in Windows XP.
We are aware of a problem installing our themes on Windows XP when .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is not previously installed. If you encounter errors, we suggest you install if from here and try the theme installation again.
The theme may not draw properly or may cause Internet Explorer to freeze if your computer is disconnected from the internet.
On first install of the browser, a delay will be seen before the theme will display. We are working on optimizing load time of the theme.
The toolbar may flicker from time to time when the browser is re-sized, or when new tabs are opened
Theme controls may not work when tabbed browsing is disabled.
The gallery found under the Settings menu (gear icon) is linking to Firefox Booms, not other I.E. themes.
Actions are permitted in the sidebar which should be disabled, e.g. right-click, drag and drop, etc.
In Windows XP, if you receive a notification of a theme update, you will need to uncheck the "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized activity" checkbox in the Run As dialog in order for the update to proceed correctly.
You may experience warning and/or error dialogs when opening a large number of tabs, especially if they are opened in rapid-fire succession.
Additionally, there are various performance and drawing issues of which we are aware. Please feel free to add your own experiences via the Discussion forums. Screen shots and steps for reproducing problems are very helpful and most welcome.

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